Sunday, June 8, 2008

TWO Ways to Stand Up for CCW in Illinois--Got Ten Seconds?

Stand up for CCW on Tuesday (June 10) at 5:00 p.m. at Memorial Hall in Rockford (211 N. Main St.)

If you can get to Rockford on Tuesday night, check it out here for all the details.
If you can't, even if you're from outside Illinois, please leave a pro-CCW comment here. The owner of the guestbook will be presenting the comments to the board.

I wrote it and I stand by it. If you're not in Rockford on Tuesday night for the county board subcommittee meeting (doesn't that sound exciting, kids?) then it might not be your fault, but you will, undeniably, be a total square.

See, I haven't talked a lot about this, but several members of Winnebago County Board in Illinois would like Winnebago County to establish its own system to issue CCW permits. Of course, Illinois doesn't allow CCW with loaded firearms except for police officers, licensed private detectives, and municipal government officials who aren't too embarassed to claim to be "peace officers" with a straight face, so you can imagine that there's some doubt as to the legality of this maneuver.

But here's the deal, folks. If it turns out to be valid, we win--it turns out that you don't have to fight Chicago to get CCW as long as you can convince your county board.

If it turns out not to be valid, we still win, because we're on offense. 82 counties in Illinois have passed the 2nd Amendment Resolution that started in Pike County--82 out of 102! Think of what happens when 60 or 70 or 80 counties pass CCW resolutions. This year, 2500 gun owners mobbed the capitol on one day and many were waving the map below (Counties in green have passed the resolution; counties in red rejected it.) What happens when it's 5,000 or 10,000 and they've got the same kind of map showing widespread grassroots support for CCW? That would be an interesting day.

We're a long way from that, but we in Illinois have a chance to stand up for CCW on Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. at Memorial Hall in Rockford (211 N. Main St.) Put on a nice shirt, maybe a tie, and come join us. You can tell your grandkids you stood up and were counted back when Illinois still denied the Constitution. They'll ignore you, sure, but later, when you die, they'll think back and have great, if posthumous, pride in you. Maybe.

Anyway, I'll be the big fat bald guy sweating in a polo shirt. Say hi.


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I blog for the McHenry Co. Sportsmen's Assoc. and posted the link!

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