Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ahab-Clawhammer--Throwing Your Vote Away, or Voting Your Conscience?

Read the Ahab-Clawhammer 2008 Platform

This isn't easy for me. As you know, I have been unwavering in my support of Governor Sarah Palin and her running mate, That Old Guy. Even this week, as we found out that Governor Palin may be lacking in her ability to blow smoke up Katie Couric's skirt on television, I stood by her and stood strong. (Where would we be today if Winston Churchill hadn't been good at TV interviews with hostile, yet perky, TV anchors?)

And yet my heart is heavy today, because I have only one vote to cast, and I find myself wavering. Although Sarah Palin and the Claw Hammer have much in common (Both are photogenic outsiders with little national or international experience, for instance, and both tend to overshadow their running mates, even from what would normally be considered the second spot on the ticket) the fact is that with the two running on separate tickets, someone has to lose here.

I hear people saying that Sarah Palin has no experience, and all I can think is "And yet we, as a nation, have thrown our collective panties at Barack Obama while screaming and trying to push our way past the roadies. Was that because of his extensive experience and expertise in foreign affairs?"

I hear people saying that third parties aren't serious, and a Claw Hammer cannot be ready for the duties of the Vice President of the United States. "And yet . . ." I think to myself, " . . . and yet, Dick Durbin has lasted so long in the Senate that they gave him a leadership position. Is Dick Durbin a better leader than a hammer?" I don't know anyone who seriously believes that.
So, am I sure who I'm going to vote for? I'm just not, not at this point.

Am I glad the Claw Hammer and that other guy are in the race, keeping Sarah Palin's feet to the fire? You bet.

(Seriously, folks, I really might write Ahab in this time. Illinois is so completely toasted, roasted and in the bag for Obama that it's not going to matter who I vote for in the Presidential race no matter what happens. I heard it's such a wipeout that they're not even going to cheat on the Presidential votes in Chicago this year--they want to see what happens when they use the "natural method."
Ward, Aldermanic, Congressional, Judicial, Municipal and County races will, of course, still be subjected to massive corruption. Anything less would not be in keeping with The Chicago Way.)