Sunday, September 14, 2008

All Must See This . . . It Must Be SEEN

I don't generally do this "OMG CHECK OT THIS VDEO" stuff, but I haven't seen this anywhere else and it's too awesome not to share. My first thought was actually to send it to MadOgre, but he's off doing a rifle class at the moment, so I will take on the mantel and carry on.

Top Gear TV Attempts to Destroy a Used Toyota Pickup

Top Gear decided that since they test Porsches for speed and Volvos for safety, they should test basic cars, such as Toyota pickups and some kind of Citroen I've never heard of, for simplicity and toughness. To that end, they bought a rusty, 13-year-old Toyota pickup (with a 2.4L diesel engine--a little Toyota with a diesel has never occurred to me, but how perfect would that be?)
Then they took it all over England and attempted to destroy it by crunching walls, hitting trees, dropping it from great heights, dropping a travel-trailer on it from a great height, beating it up with a crane and wrecking ball, chucking it into the sea, driving it through a small barn, and setting it on fire.

Pro Tip: Don't shut it off when the truck finally gives up the ghost. You'll miss something important if you do.


Anonymous said...

They could easily have destroyed it with the crash, wrecking ball, dropping it, dropping the travel trailer on it, etc. but, they chose not to.

That it started after 5 hours in the ocean and the fall from the buildng were fricken amazing. Try that ocean trick with a Toyota that A) isn't a diesel and B) has a computer.

I own a diesel Volkswagen Jetta and a Toyota 4Runner. A diesel Toyota pickup would be the cat's meow. A extended cab 4x4 version should get around 30-32 mpg on the highway.

Ambulance Driver said...

Had a 1984 Ford Courier like that once. I treated it much the same way, all except for the fire.

I miss that little rustbox.

DJK said...


Anonymous said...

I think Ogre actually had this on his site a ways back... I've seen this AWESOME video before, I coulda sworn he brought it to my attention.

And the drop from the building was sweet.

Anonymous said...

The diesel Toyotas are only unique here in Walmart country. When working in Bolivia we had three, and though we didn't throw them off buildings, we did beat them up. You might need a leatherman and some bailing wire, but there isn't much that'll stop them.
I wish we could get them here. Now that my gas one has 300+K I'm thinking I might need to consider getting a new crummy...

Bunnyman said...

OK, now that there is awesome.

Frances Clements said...

That was a really good video. It almost made me want to purchase a pick-up.

Anonymous said...