Monday, September 1, 2008

I Am Shill of Blackhawk. You Will Be Assimilated.

I just ordered a SERPA holster for my P220. That might sound a little . . . whorish, but I'm buying mine through with my own money.

Why? Well, several reasons. I'm buying from because I assume the name alone gives me added tacticality points. Also, they're based out of St. Louis, so I'm hoping I can have my holster by Thursday so I can use it in my next IPSC match.
I'm buying the SERPA because I used my old FOBUS last week and it's just not cutting it anymore. The SERPA version makes reholstering far too easy and positive to go back.

Once the Gun Blog .45 arrives, I'll probably start using it more--but that will be awhile. I don't know when they'll ship the things, but even when they do, I still have to serve a three-day waiting period from the time I pay my FFL--and nowadays, it's apparently three business days. So for the next couple of weeks I'll be using the SIG, and even when the GB.45 arrives, I don't foresee that the SIG will never see use. The P220 has gotten me through the tough times. It's been there for me when I needed an accurate, reliable friend. It deserves a good holster.


Unknown said...

If your looking to retire that P220 well I will take one for the team and take it off your hands lol.

Great blog here by the way. I enjoy reading it. I'll visit often.


Bunnyman said...

Yes! Life is too short for bad holsters.

The Duck said...

Yeah well Blawkhawk got an order from me for over $200
New Holster for the M&P
mag pouches etc..

Don said...

What can I say? I'm a shill, but I'm cheap. :)

I have enough mag pouches to carry four single-stack mags whether they're SIG or 1911 pieces.

Joe Allen said...

"I still have to serve a three-day waiting period "

And register it. And maintain a FOID. And you still can't carry the thing.

Get a UHaul and pack up your younguns and move over here to Missouri!

We need good teachers here too.


Don said...

The one good thing about Illinois is that there's no registration of the gun, only the owner. Not that they haven't tried. . . .

And I do carry, just in an awkward and impractical way designed more to annoy than to be effective. It's a lot like the way I write.

Anonymous said...