Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Not only did David Hardy get his Gun Blog .45 already (verily I shall be The Last) but Sunday, my mom and dad were packing up from an antique show a couple of hours away when he got hit with crumpling pain. He's had kidney stones before, but apparently this was worse than usual. They got him to the hospital, where he was told a dozen different things about how long they'd wait for him to pass the stone before performing surgery. Then, when I called last night to see how he was doing . . . he was at home. They'd moved a surgery up to the morning and gotten him in and out in 45 minutes, then sent him home in the afternoon. He seems like he's doing well.

But . . . .
Kane felt a little nauseated yesterday morning. By the time he came home from school last night, he was nauseated and running a fever of 101.5. We broke the fever with children's acetaminophen, but this morning it's back, along with abdominal tenderness. I'm no botanist, but when this happened to me at his age, I had appendicitis. I'm waiting for the nurse to call back now; I have a feeling we're going to end up at the emergency room this morning.

Cross your fingers for the flu or something, will ya?

(UPDATE: Well, it's official. We're headed to the ER this morning. Doc said he'd probably end up ordering us into Hospital Thing One for lab work anyway, so we're not going to bother stopping off.)


Turk Turon said...

I have my fingers crossed for you.
Having a sick child is the worst feeling in the world.
Good luck!

The Duck said...

Well you caught it, so hopefully it will come out well.
I had a revisit of Kidney stones this week, they are no fun

armed_citizen said...

I didn't get my .45 yet either. Perhaps a friendly wager is in order? ;)

Don said...

Hmm. I know where mine is, see, I just have to get to it. You might beat me yet. I think it's going to depend on whether I choose to go get my gun or shoot USPSA tomorrow night. I don't think I can do both; the match and the FFL are about 2 hours apart.

Anonymous said...