Thursday, October 23, 2008

Overheard: Esperanza Birthday Edition

"Is the baby in bed?"
"Yeah. Should I even bring in the chocolate cake, or do you just want me to put it in the refrigerator?"
"Ohmigod. No more cake. The cake must stop."
"OK. It'll go in the fridge. Hey, you know what'll make you feel better?"
"No. What?"
"A hot shower . . . . and a backrub . . . ."
"I love you so much. NO. I just want to lie down."
"No problem, we can go lie down. Whatever works for you, baby."
"No, I'm going to bed. No one is to touch me or speak to me until morning."
(CRASH from the kitchen.)
"And you get to take care of those two."
"Okay . . . . but that's your birthday present."
"That'll do."