Friday, October 31, 2008

We're #2!

Apparently this blog is the #2 Google result for "John Daly and Montgomery Gentry." Huh.

In case you missed it, I did review the Montgomery Gentry/Heidi Newfield show a few days ago. The verdict was "see it" but if possible, see it in a better crowd than I did. I can't help but think Heidi Newfield is going to be a big star headlining her own tour soon, and when it comes time to decide whether to swing in and do a show in Springfield, she's going to take a pass. She sounds better than she looks . . . . and she looks like this:

<-------- I'm just sayin'. Also, "Montgomery Gentry" commented on my review and thanked me for it, which I thought was a pretty nice gesture. I'm sure it was some guy at the record company, but hey, somebody read the damn thing and that's shocking enough without worrying who it was. It wasn't my mom, so I'm happy.

This is what Montgomery Gentry looked like a long time ago, when I had all my hair and thought "Montgomery Gentry" was one guy's name: