Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Freedom is slavery.

(Thanks to Joe Allen for the correction on the state motto.)

I try not to talk much about the "Gun Guys" posers, because every time a gun blogger links them, it seems like their traffic quintuples immediately. But today I got an email from them that literally made me laugh out loud.

"LIVE FREE OR DIE!" declared the headline. Huh? The Gun Guys? What do these people like about freedom? This called for further reading.

The piece itself was a screed against Congress for attempting to pass legislation which would fix Washington, D.C.'s gun laws. The Congress, The Gun Guys declaimed, is violating the treasured American principles of local control and individual freedom. "We've always liked Connecticut's (CORRECTION: They actually mentioned the correct state, New Hampshire) motto," they intoned, "which says 'Live Free Or Die.' But Congress doesn't want to allow that in Washington, D.C."

Riiiight. These are the people who, a few short weeks ago, were explaining that the Supreme Court got it wrong in the Heller case because the District of Columbia is a "federal enclave" where the Bill of Rights is unenforceable. Wild-eyed libertarians, there.

So the short version boils down to this:

  1. If you want to repeal gun control laws in D.C., you can't, because the Bill of Rights doesn't apply there, because it's a federal enclave. It's ruled by the federal government, and the 2nd Amendment hasn't been incorporated, so it only applies to the federal . . . . uh, government . . . . this is not going well. Let's proceed to Point 2:
  2. If you want to repeal gun laws in D.C., you can't, because D.C. should have local control, and it's tyrannical and un-American to treat it as a federal enclave.
Look, folks. I can only summarize; I can't make this stuff make any sense.


Joe Allen said...

Not to mention that "Live free or die" is the state motto of New Hampshire, not Connecticut.

Gah. I don't know how you can read these clowns' missives without your head exploding.


Don said...

Without bothering to check, I'm going to assume that was my mistake.

BobG said...

I try to stay away from those shills; I just assume they are going to tell lies and skip reading them.

NotClauswitz said...

My blood-pressure can't take their mind-numbing verbal crapulations, I must forgo any involvement with such outright fraud.

Roxie said...

Typical liberal doublethink.

Anonymous said...