Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Uh . . . Hell No. Bill Ayers Is On His Own.

From Cam Edwards, I find that there's actually a petition online you can sign to show your support for William Ayers, the guy who built bombs for the Weather Underground, killed people (mostly his own people, sure, but incompetent evil is not OK.) You may recall that Ayers later reinvented himself as the only creature more useless than a bombmaker who blows up his own comrades--a Professor of Education.

The petition says Ayers "passionately participated in the civil rights and anti-war movement." I guess it takes passion to murder people with explosives, all right. And he must have been truly passionate about it, because over thirty years later, after he had reinvented himself as the mild-mannered radical leftist college professor, he was still telling the press that he doesn't regret setting bombs. He does have regrets, of course, but he regrets not setting more bombs. The link says he participated passionately "as did hundreds of thousands of other Americans." I don't know whether they don't know what the word "as" means, or whether they think there were hundreds of thousands of Americans setting bombs for pacifism back then. Either way, it doesn't look good.

So, to sum up, these people are lying about Ayers to get teachers to put their good names on their petition to do . . . . what? Salvage his reputation? He HAD a good name of his own. Then he made some choices. His choices were evil, and his name got some on it. Why would I want to get it on my name?