Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Appleseed Photos

Courtesy (and copyright) of John Boch, who achieved the rank of "Rifleman" this weekend:

Here's Kane with his Marlin Model 60. It's his favorite gun, but it was a big mistake to let him bring it. The poor little thing filled with dust and was unab
le to hold up to the round count. He started with his little red dot electronic sight, had that removed to use the iron sights, transition to a 1.5x Weaver (the only scope I had, and we had to buy rings) and then to 3-9x Burris. When the gun died, he switched to a 10/22 with a 3-9x variable scope (thanks, Nick!) and made a lot of progress. If you look closely, you can see the crate lid that's keeping my .223 brass off Kane's neck.

Here we can see Kane getting help from one of the instructors, "Papa" Papineau. A very patient man.

Here you can see Donovan and My Bride together on the other firing line. The slings are remarkably loose, aren't they?


Bruce B. said...

Good job getting the four of you out to Appleseed!

Are those Brent's carpet remnant shooting mats?

Don said...

Heh, no, we cut our own. I got a section of plush carpet from the Habitat for Humanity ReSale shop and cut it into three sections for them, and I shot on my open rifle case. That was OK until I put my elbow down in the crease where the case folds over.

It turns out that the fold funnels all the brass from your neighbor right down into that lowest point, and you end up with 2nd-degree burns around your elbows. Oops. It hurt like hell, but I figured Sergeant Zim would get awful sore if I didn't finish on the bounce.

Brandon said...

Looks like the 10/22 your missus is shooting has a set of Tech-Sights on it. I'm jonesing for a set of those for my Marlin 60.

Don said...

The Tech Sights are too cool for words. There is absolutely no downside to those things that I can detect.