Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Who Says What Now?

Uhhhhh . . . . .
"The responsible white separatist community condemns this," he said. "It makes us look bad."
Well . . . good . . . for them . . . . I guess?

(Hat tipped to Uncle)


Home on the Range said...

In all of that, in the city closest to wear I live, a white middle class young man beat his ex wife to death with a claw hammer, while the children were feet away, and it didn't even make the news.

Had he used a gun, CNN would still be talking about it.

Don said...

It was . . . probably . . . an accident?

Could've happened to anybody, really. But still, in an age of rechargeable 18-volt drill/drivers, nails are pretty outdated anyway--does anybody really need a claw hammer in this day and age?