Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Change You Can Believe In

During SAFR Chicago, the time came to create Change We Could Believe In. Specifically, the "Old Diaper" had had its chance, and it was time for the "New Diaper" to get a shot at protecting the pants. The problem was that if you wanted to get to the restrooms in the Thompson Center with a stroller, you'd have to cross the crowd, get inside, find the right elevators and then take the hallway to the back. (I am being informed that the stroller is significantly cleaner than the public restrooms and therefore the ideal place to change the baby.)

But wait . . . . what's this? Why, it's art in the public square. It is aesthetically . . . . well, white and squiggly. But it is also hollow.
(I am being informed that this sculpture is A DINOSAUR.)

Anyway, inside it was shady, cool and private. Who says public art doesn't have a practical purpose? Change You Can Believe In, my friends.

I wonder what Dubuffet would say?

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