Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kane With An FN P90 at Hero Gear Shoot

Here's some fun that's hard to have in Illinois. And for anyone wondering about legality, this was shot in Tennessee, where submachine guns and suppressors are both perfectly legal.

I'm slowly getting some media together from the event. This is a video I shot with my cell phone; My Bride was on vacation in Minnesota with all our cameras at the time, so this was the best I could do, but I understand over 600 GB (that's GIGAbytes, folks) of high-resolution photos were taken this weekend, so as people sort through what they've made, we'll see more and more.

You can see Kane controlling the P90 with ease, though he did lift off the sights. My dad is standing behind him in the orange shirt with a hand on Kane (just in case) and the range officer is to their left. Dad and Donovan both fired full magazines from the P90 as well, and I do at least have photos of them.


Anonymous said...

Ok, it is not right that I should be this envious of someone that young...

Bruce B. said...

I don't remember having family vacations this fun as a kid or as a grownup. I'm envious.