Friday, June 26, 2009

Is You There? Or Is You Square?

As these words are posted, the Second Amendment Freedom Rally is commencing in downtown Chicago. Before it's over, we're going to have a lot of fun.

Ralph Conner, the Chairman of CORE Chicago,
is going to talk about appearing in JPFO's movie
No Guns for Negroes and the racist roots of gun

Valinda Rowe is going to speak about
her experiences going from victim
to political activist.

Richard Pearson and Mike Weisman are going to tell us what ISRA has planned for the next year.

I hope you made it, but if you didn't, I hope you check in and see what's happening. Chris Conmy will be Twittering SAFR this year . . . actually, he started last night at Portillo's. This is the strength of the pro-gun movement: people. Numbers. Boots at the grassroots. The anti-gun side has great sticky gobs of money with which they do their best to drown us, and they're now moving to raise more in Illinois specifically to try to unseat pro-gun politicians--they've threatened to spend $75,000 in a single Illinois race to frighten their enemies. We don't have those gobs of money, but we do have what they don't: ordinary people who will give the small amounts of money they have, take time off work, and vote. SAFR is our expression of that difference writ large; the other side doesn't do anything like SAFR, despite the general belief that Chicago is "their territory," because they cannot do it. They don't have the ability to put out a call for large numbers of people to take a day off work and gather somewhere; most of the people who do such things for them are being paid in some way, while the people attending SAFR today took the day off and paid their own way.

That's the Illinois pro-gun movement. That's our strength. That's us.


Old NFO said...

Go forth and do good! We need y'all in the mix!

Don said...

We had a great time, pictures to come, but I'm at my in-laws' house right now. We met Snuffy Pfleger, heard Ralph Conner speak, made friends with the Chicago PD, and enemies of our chair-rental company.
Good times.