Thursday, June 25, 2009

Copper Brass!

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The city was throwing things away today, and Dad's Rule was in full effect.

You don't know Dad's Rule? That's the rule that states that if you throw away more than two items in my dad's presence, he will inevitably know someone who would be willing to pay money for at least one of the items being tossed.

Today, one of the items being tossed was a large cardboard box full to the brim of 50-round .38 Special ammunition boxes. Each of the ammo boxes (mostly Winchester white box) is full of .38 Special brass apparently saved long ago by the Police Department. Not 50 rounds per box, but full. I don't know how much is in there, but the whole thing is surprisingly heavy altogether. I wouldn't be shocked if it were 2-3,000 rounds.

Dad has a .38 Special, and I don't, but I have a reloading setup, and he doesn't. I tried to tell My Bride that we now need a .38, but she exercised her veto powers. Still, I think we can have a lot of fun shooting wadcutters through dad's revolver . . . . and what was the alternative?
Throw it away?


NotClauswitz said...

Dude you can get a used Po-lice 4-inch Model 10 for around $200 - you gotta have a .38Special hangin' around - chicks dig 'em. Except my wife, she thought it waw puny and liked the .357 magnum better.

Anonymous said...

Get a .357. You can shoot .38s through it as well. Two for one.

B Woodman

Don said...

Dad has a Colt that I believe is a Police Positive. It belonged to the Chief of Police in the next little town over, and it still has his initials in the backstrap.

We'll make some softies for that and see where it leads us. The only thing I was sure of was that I wasn't going to let it go into a landfill.

Firehand said...

THROW IT AWAY!?! God no!

Sooner or later somebody will be able to use it. Or you'll get a .38. Or something.

This from a man whose shed is going to start sagging from the weight of all the brass.

Baker M. Romeo said...

You have chosen... wisely.