Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shootout at the Holocaust Museum

Just heard from the crew at FCPGroton that the security guard at the Holocaust Museum has died. Those guys in uniform in these public buildings are just canaries in the mine once the shooting starts--just marked targets who are almost never going to get the chance to shoot first.

Not good . . . I hate Nazis. You have to figure this one isn't too bright, even if you set aside his irrational Jewz-hating, because if he'd wanted to figure out the best way to build sympathy for Jews in America and bury his own movement in an even deeper hole than before, he couldn't have come up with many better ways. Doing what Buford Furrow did would be one.

If you think the Nazis had the right idea, fine, think whatever you want. But before you start shooting people, try talking to a few and see if your ideas survive a challenge. If they don't, maybe you're just wrong, genius.

(OK, writing this way, as if I'm giving advice to neo-Nazis who are somehow rational, decent people, is kind of dumb, too, but at least nobody gets hurt.)

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