Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bleg Update: How about the one on the left?

As it turns out, Daniel White (Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner) had already found a widget that works pretty well. It's over on the left. It's not perfect, exactly--the free version has ads, and the pay version is a yearly subscription. It does, however, give a rundown of all the headlines from all the Gun Rights Examiners in the same field, so it's a little easier to use. It doesn't say which Examiner each headline comes from, but at least the newest are on top, and it's easy to install.

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Don said...

Another drawback: Daniel created that one, and I registered with Widgetbox to be able to modify it. But apparently when I did that, I was modifying his original, not a saved copy for my account. I imagine he's wondering why his widget turned blue and narrow when it was originally orange and wide.

I know that other peoples' edits affect the widget for everyone because a new header just appeared on the one I have installed here at TAST. Interesting. I suppose I can get around this by "creating" a widget of my own from scratch at Widgetbox and saving it with a different name so that my flights of whimsy don't wreck Dan's work.