Saturday, July 18, 2009

Zoo Time!

I'm about to go get dressed so we can take 2/3rds of the boys to the St. Louis Zoo for a day of riding trains and looking at giraffes and stuff. But I didn't just skate on you, folks. Check back tomorrow morning and you'll find the story of The Time Grandpa Discovered Something Amiss in the Nunnery. And if that doesn't grab you, check back on Monday when we'll be featuring The Worst. Book. EVAR. Controversial? Sure. Liable to start arguments? I would expect nothing less of you people. But I think when you see the book you'll agree that it's a special blend of snobbery and completely missing the point.

Over at the Chicago Gun Rights Examiner (which was #3 among Chicago Examiners yesterday thanks to all of you) there'll be new content up on Monday detailing the trouble the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Existence is having raising funds in Chicago. This does not bode well for them as the 2010 election cycle begins.

And over at the National Gun Rights Examiner today, David Codrea has complete plans for building your own assault weapon using commonly available parts. It's surprisingly inexpensive and I think a practiced hand could do it in one weekend. Take a look.


Anonymous said...

You couldn't have picked a better day for a trip to the zoo.... shouldn't it be a 104 in St. Louis this time of year???

Anonymous said...

more typically 99 degrees with 99% humidity. Our rare 100+ days are usually in August.

Don said...

No zoo time today.But yeah, fantastic day outside. We still had fun.