Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chicago's Outfit Ties Are Not Clip-Ons

Second City Cop tries once again to point out that it's probably not a good idea for Cook County (that's Chicago for all of you in the Free Kingdoms) to be employing lawyers with deep Outfit connections as prosecutors. 'Cuz, see, if your prosecutor has a mafioso for an ex, and her kids' godfather is . . . you know . . . a Godfather kind of godfather . . . . certain complications are foreseeable.
"The godfather to her children is Richie 'The Cat' Catazone, reputed to run the Chicago Outfit's 26th Street gambling operation, while Rosales' cousin is convicted mob hit man Harry Aleman, Rosales said."

So a woman with "family" connections is working in the State's Attorneys office, close to all sorts of sensitive information of ongoing investigations, wiretaps, trials, etc., and no one blinks an eye?
As usual, nobody seems to care. Read the whole thing.

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