Friday, July 17, 2009

Pump-Action "Assault Weapons"

Remember the tragic shooting in Jersey City?

Remember how I made myself look insensitive to the plight of the wounded officers by predicting that the blood-dancing would include a call for banning pump-action shotguns, and chided rabbit hunters for thinking their guns aren't at risk?

Would it shock you to know that it only took a day fo
r Thomas Comey, the Chief of Police in Jersey City to fulfill that particular prophecy?

Me neither.

The Chief says the gun the goblins used is a "Mossberg pump-action shotgun" that is "an assault weapon" which is "used by police for tactical entries" and "was manufactured for the purpose of hunting man." Right. Sounds like a Mossberg in the 500 series, maybe a menacing-looking 590. They look tough, that's for sure, but do you know why I don't have one? Because I already have an Ithaca Model 37 Featherweight manufactured in the early 1950's that will do anything that Mossberg "assault weapon" will do. It "only" holds five rounds of 12 gauge ammunition, and it has a pretty wood stock and an engraving of a bird dog on the receiver, but other than that, there's almost no functional difference at all. And it's exactly the kind of gun that people like Sonia Sotomayor would call you crazy for trying to protect, because it's a "hunting gun" and no one wants to infringe on the cherished Constitutional right to hunt rabbits.

The Chief said something else . . . . something about rights . . . . that I actually did find shocking. But I had a hard time believing it until I saw the video, so go here and watch it, read the whole article and see what you think.
National Gun Rights Examiner: Jersey City chief blames pump-action shotguns


Matthew said...

funny even the U.N. in their gun bannery allowed for the provisions of pump shotguns for self-defense.

I hate stupid people. I especially hate stupid politico-cops. He's the kind of chief that would sell out his own rank and file uniform officers to keep his job.

Chip said...

Wow cool, My Mossberg 500, the only shotgun I have ever owned is now an assault weapon. Look out Pheasants.

I Am Myself said...

My position is that anything Australia can do, we can do dumber.