Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chicago Gun Rights Examiner!

(UPDATE: Now with a button that actually links to the page!)

David Codrea talked into creating the position of "Gun Rights Examiner" quite awhile ago. Since that time, they've added Gun Rights Examiners in cities across the country, including Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Cleveland, Denver, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., plus my good friend Kurt Hoffman in St. Louis (you might know him better as 45Superman from Armed and Safe.)

The glaring hole in the Examiner's game, from my point of view, was Chicago, which made even less sense since what happens to gun rights in Chicago in the next year or two is arguably going to reverberate across the nation more than anything that happens in other places. So I applied, and yesterday I joined the ranks of the Gun Rights Examiners.To read my first installment, entitled "Chicago: national gun rights battleground" just click on the big blue button.


Newbius said...


It is a very pretty blue button...which isn't linked to your column! Can you fix the link so I can partake of your wisdom?



Lissa said...

Here you go Newbius --

Don said...

Man, you people want everything. Do you have any idea how long it took to make that button? Did you know you have to click and drag to make a gradient fill?

I sure didn't!

David Codrea said...

Welcome on board, Don--I'll do an announcement on my GRE column tomorrow. Please email me at dcodreaAThotmailDOTcom and I'll get you into the GRE Google group.

Bruce B. said...

Way to go! Good luck and godspeed!