Friday, July 24, 2009

Tragedy Close to PGP's Sebastian Today

Most of you who read here and the Chicago GRE probably also read Pro-Gun Progressive from time to time. If not, you should; Sebastian Sassi is a political "liberal" in the modern, leftish meaning of the word who is active in efforts to fight crime in his Baltimore neighborhood with very aggressive neighborhood watch tactics. He has a rare Maryland CCW permit because of the threats on his life from local drug dealers; recently he was threatened with murder by a street punk (and the kid's prize-winning mother) on the local evening news.

But Sebastian is also a pilot training to fly helicopters, and last night his school had a tragic accident involving helicopters and the ever-treacherous power lines. From here, I can be thankful that Sebastian wasn't on that craft, but he's understandably spending his time thinking about his friends. If you'd like to leave a kind word on Facebook so Sebastian will see it right away, leave it here and I'll be glad to pass it on. If you'd rather comment at Sebastian's blog, follow the link.

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