Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pink Pistols On TV

Current TV has a show called "Vanguard Journalism"--sort of decentralized journalism done on shoestring budgets. Today their show was called "Pink Firepower."
"Does that mean what I think it means?" I wondered.

Indeed it did.

Apparently it first aired months ago. There was more to the show than the segment on the Pink Pistols, but the link will take you straight to the good stuff. Oleg Volk's "Bash This!" poster is featured. The report is a pretty fair one; if anything, it gives short shrift to opponents of the Pink Pistols. Only one dissenter is featured, actually, one Abbe Land of the West Hollywood City Council. It's not clear why she was consulted, unless she has some history of opposing the Pink Pistols. But even she isn't really refuting the Pink Pistols per se; she's the standard-issue California anti-gun politician . . . well, you'll see. Although she looks a little like a pug with a pickle in its mouth when she says it, she even has to conceded that "this is America, and if people want to form groups, they can form groups."

Best comment so far:
This story made me realize that there are, sadly, some places our country that are not as accepting of individual differences. Personally I don't think an armed weapon would be ideal. think just displaying a unarmed weapon would have the same effect without having the potential of causing death. Hopefully as time goes on, compassion for others will become widespread over-shadow the negative energy out there.

Far out. Lemme know how that whole energy think works out. See, Shaggy, the thing is, an "unarmed" weapon is essentially just a weapon that doesn't work. So as long as there's no need to use the thing, the effect might be the same. However, if you whip out your "unarmed" weapon and the local glee club continues to surround you, then you've got a bigger problem than the man with an "armed" weapon. He has the option of shooting his way out; all you're going to be able to do is wonder why it didn't work.


Les said...

You know, I think a lot about Cooper's rule #1. You know, "All guns are always loaded."

Is the safety in that rule only apply towards mitigating ADs/NDs, or is it writing on the wall for gun owners?

Just my $0.02...

Don said...

Not sure what you mean. "Writing on the wall?" That usually means a sign of things to come.

So . . . maybe?

NotClauswitz said...

The "compassion for others" thing has been having a run at the "negative energy" thing for better than the past 2,000 years - and throughout times when it was powered-up by Religions with incense, incantations and candles, from Budda to the Christ - and ostensibly even more pervasive and organized than what flaccidly flails in the wind of guitars and ribbons of 'Ligion-today - and yet we still has this uncooperative and discompassionate negative energy thing floating around...