Friday, July 10, 2009

Voter Registration Drive Goes Horribly Wrong In Chicago

Chicago-area Democrats continue to be shocked at the Burr Oak Cemetery scandal; some are going so far as to call it the worst voter-registration effort in Chicago history.

"I don't know what these guys were thinking," one unnamed "supervisor" in the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation observed as his crew took a break from shoveling steaming-hot asphalt into the driver's brother-in-law's liquor-store parking lot. "I heard they cleared about 300 grand, and that's fine and all, but you actually move the corpses and even the newspapers get wind of it. The point is a simple list of names that pass a quick check, not turning a buck with mass graves, but you can't teach these kids these days anything."

In other news, Mary Mitchell says one of the coffins belonged to Emmett Till, who, it must be observed, has frankly had to put up with a surprising amount of hatred and disrespect from the world. When he was alive, white racists beat him to death for . . . . well, shits and giggles, I suppose, though they gave the excuse that he had been making eyes at a white woman. 50-some years later, the poor kid's body is being dug up and dumped in a shed for possums to live on so some thugs can make a little extra on the side.


Larry said...

That's excellent, how the State punishes the real culprits: the company that was defrauded of cash and then brought the further problems to light. Can't let a business owner off the hook, no sir. They're evil.

Don said...

Didn't you see the tag?

"The Chicago Way."