Thursday, March 19, 2009

20 Years Later, "Assault Weapon" Video Looks Pretty Current

Turk Turon found a video on YouTube that's older than dirt.

I still have the original version of this thing on VHS. It dates from a time when VHS video tape was considered pretty high-tech stuff. It actually predates the passage of the original "Assault Weapons Ban" by several years. If you look closely during the BATF testimony at the end, you can see Senator Paul Simon of Illinois and his famous bow tie on the committee. It was nice having him there because they let the bow tie vote, too, which was good for Illinois if nothing else.

If you don't watch all the way to the end, you miss the BATF spokesman holding up an AK-47 and explaining to the Senators that it works just like a hunting rifle and banning it will require some really difficult definitions . . . . followed by an LAPD representative explaining that criminals converting G3's and AR180's into full-autos is a myth. Classic stuff! I'm glad this video made it onto YouTube.