Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bleg: Domain Name Registration

All you NetLords out there: say there's a domain name I want to register, and I know it's available. Is there a best way to go about that? I see I can just go to GoDaddy and sign up, but I want the best mix of cheap and completely reliable. GoDaddy has commercials, but that's really the only reason I know them. They would let me register the domain in .com and .net for $23 per year. That sounds cheap, but are they reliable? Is anyone else better?

And don't go anywhere when you answer. I'll have hosting issues next.


Anonymous said...

if you are planning on getting a domain and host in order to make a more private blog... then godaddy will be fine and its hosting is just as good...

do a google search for coupon codes for godaddy and you'll get it for much less than $23 a year

pops1911 said...

They are as good as anyone & better than most. I use them for all my domain name services (we run a small hosting service). We have our own hosting servers from another company, but that was just personal preference.

Anonymous said...

I have been working professionally in web development for 15 years. I run Sharp as a Marble, as well as several other web sites, out of my own home. I run my own email, too.

I use GoDaddy for all my domains.

HOWEVER!!!! And this is a big one, all I use them for is domain stuff. I can't speak to their customer service since if I called them, I'd probably forget more during the phone conversation than the person I'm talking to ever knew about DNS.

So, I can't speak for their service levels that you might need. However, as far as domain registration goes, they are solid.

Sevesteen said...

I use Godaddy for name registration, but not hosting--I parked with them when I started using Sevesteen as my default username, until I figured out what to do with it.

I use Google for is pointed to my blogger page, and mail is handled through Google Apps for Domains with either a Gmail interface or POP3.

The name alone costs around $10 per year, the rest is free.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I know a little more than you mentioned, Don. I know that not only does GoDaddy have commercials, the commercials feature a hot girl!

How can you go wrong?

Anonymous said...

GoDaddy is fine for domain registration. I use DirectNIC myself and my business partner uses Network Solutions.

Once you get your domain name you can set it up so that your blogger site answers to it.

If you need DNS services (and you probably will) let me know and I'll hook you up for free.

USCitizen said...

GoDaddy hosts Traction Control. No complaints.

Eseell said...

I use GoDaddy for my domain registration and one of my domains is hosted with them; they've worked out well for me so far.

There was one situation where my hosted site went down for a couple of hours, but when I contacted their support they already knew about the problem and were working on transferring the domain to a new server, so I have no complaints about the way they handled it.

Geek with a Pen said...

Personally, I use for DNS and registration, only. Beyond that, I have a resellers account with I've got about a dozen low traffic websites and domains I host for friends and family. If you need a place to host, let me know. Depending upon traffic expectations we may be able to work something out.


Anonymous said...