Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ogre Will Love This . . . .

So, apparently the skyscraper-dwelling tree-huggers who live along Lake Michigan in Chicago have their frilly underthings in a twist because the Chicago Fire Department made a decision not to send its scuba team into Lake Michigan (through ice, no less) to save . . . a coyote.

Yes, a coyote.

A scavenging predator. A dime a dozen. An animal that thrives and overpopulates even in urban areas. A furbearing predator that is legal both to hunt and trap in Illinois . . . . to the tune of 7,000 taken per year. The animal George "Mad Ogre" Hill used to finance a new pistol, because where he lives, there's a bounty on the damn things. One of the only animals in Illinois that can be taken legally with a centerfire rifle. These people would faint dead away if they saw what goes on out on the back 40 of the average farm in Illinois on the weekends.

They don't appear to be kidding, either. It seems they are actually angry that professional rescue/EMS workers made the decision not to risk human lives to save a game animal some of them probably shoot on the weekends. Hey, folks, I think turkeys and whitetails are beautiful, but if I saved one from drowning within a mile of the farm where I hunt, my good friend the l
andowner would think twice about letting me come back the next year. There's a reason he lets me hunt there for free, and it's at least partly based on controlling the numbers of animals he considers varmints.

This reminds me of a letter to the editor I saw in the Chicago Tribune years ago while I was visiting my in-laws (this was before they were my in-laws.) Wisconsin was considering creating a hunting season for mourning doves at the time. That proposal led a dingbat from Chicago to bleat loudly in consternation. She would never, ever, ever visit Wisconsin again. She would keep her money in Illinois; no state barbaric enough to allow rednecks to blast the bird of peace with shotguns would get another cent from her. They'd be sorry, that's what!

I actually did write a short letter to the editor of my own, pointing out that Illinois has had a legal dove season for as long as I can remember, and that the breasts of the poor little things were delicious rolled in pancake flour and pan-fried. At the end, just to be on the safe side, I pointed out that Chicago is located in Illinois. I don't know whether the Tribune published my rebuttal, but it put a smile on my face and that's all that counts in my little world.


Anonymous said...

Animals are cuddly most humans are not. Who else would shoot bambi but an evil human. A rabid dog is just disease challenged. When it comes to animal care the enlighten folks realize that humans need to take a back seat! Oh, the above was satire.

Anonymous said...

CeAnn Lambert, Indiana Coyote Rescue Center, "The coyote would have acted just like a dog," she said. "It would have clung to the person trying to save it."

Yeah probably with his teeth.

Sounds like the helicopter crew did Chicago Animal Care and Control a favor by drowning that coyote in the downwash.

Since when do coyotes need rescue in Indiana anyway. They're an invasive species east of the Missisippi.

Anonymous said...

Helsinki the capital city of Finland is being overrun with rabbits. This is because the good citizens have taken the cute little rabbits as pets, and after they've gotten bored of them they "released them to the wild." Or in this case the city park.

The rabbits have been breeding, eating peoples gardens and making a mess around the town.

Now that people have finally realised that something has to be done, the city officials made an new law that made it legal to hunt the rabbits for a while. (They also notified people about this so that people wouldn't be scared when they see people with shotguns or rifles walking around.)

What did the enviromentalists think about this? They freaked out. They actually said that it would have been better to bring some foxes into the city...

On the other hand some of the people that were afraid of guns said that it should have been the duty of the police to shoot the rabbits... Because they only trust the police to handle guns responsibly... And it's not like the police have anything else to do during their working hours...

Anonymous said...