Monday, March 9, 2009

Contact List for House Executive Committee

The Illinois House Executive Committee has several anti-gun bills on their agenda, and this is a committee that I would consider friendly to anti-gun legislation. Even so, they need to hear from us.
  • HB180 has been covered at Days of Our Trailers. It would essentially create a "may-issue" license system for gun dealers--if the state refused to issue a dealer a license, he would be unable to deal in handguns in Illinois, period. The only thing worse than another layer of permits for FFL's to wade through is to make the system shall-issue so that the state police can arbitrarily refuse a license to anyone they don't like!
  • HB165 is the old favorite, an assault weapons ban. Again. Sponsored by Edward Acevedo, a corrupt Chicago "police officer" . . . again. Last time I heard Acevedo try to justify an assault weapons ban he was sponsoring, he had to admit he didn't know what was in the bill and hadn't read it.
  • HB12 mandates a limit of one gun per month. I can't afford a gun a year, much less one per month, but if I find a deal in two different places less than a month apart, that's nobody's business but mine.
  • HB867 makes it a felony to possess or transport a firearm in certain places. Not only one public transportation (so no legal guns on buses or trains, folks) but also anywhere within 1000 feet of such transportation, or public housing, or housing agency property. Get pulled over with a legal gun you are legally transporting, and you'd better hope you pulled over before you got to the block in front of the section 8 house or the Amtrak station. Otherwise, you're technically a felon. Does that make sense?
Remember, be polite . . . but be heard.

House Executive Committee


Springfield Office

Daniel J. Burke(217) 782-1117D
Joseph M. Lyons217) 782-8400D
Dan Brady(217) 782-1118R
Edward J. Acevedo(217) 782-2855D
Luis Arroyo(217) 782-0480D
Maria Antonia Berrios(217) 558-1032D
Bob Biggins(217) 782-6578R
Robert Rita(217) 558-1000D
Ed Sullivan, Jr.(217) 782-3696R
Michael W. Tryon(217) 782-0432R
Arthur L. Turner(217) 782-8116D