Monday, March 9, 2009

contact List for Senate Criminal Law Committee

Oh, look, it's another "assault weapons ban." How original.
SB1721. If you didn't know what it was about, you could look at the sponsors' list and realize something bad must be in there somewhere. A lot of the members of this committee are not friendly, but light up their phone lines anyway, please.

Senate Criminal Law committee
Michael Noland(217) 782-7746D
Kwame Raoul(217) 782-5338D
William R. Haine(217) 782-5247D
Dan Kotowski(217) 782-3875D
A. J. Wilhelmi(217) 782-8800D
John J. Millner(217) 782-8192R
Tim Bivins(217) 782-0180R
Kirk W. Dillard(217) 782-8148R
Dale A. Righter(217) 782-6674R