Saturday, March 7, 2009

Decorated Marine, disarmed for telling the truth

If a Marine veteran admits on a federal form that he sought treatment for PTSD after returning from Iraq, does that mean he's not fit to own a firearm?

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Anonymous said...

unless one has friends in high places or are politicly "conected"
once you have taken an antidepresant or had counceling you are no better than a convicted felon.
Indiana gun permit aplication is on line Indiana stste police web site, look at the questions last one being have you ever had counseling (or somthing to that effect) point being there is no time limit attached to the question.
Once one has recieved counceling one is forever considered a "MENTAL PAITENT" with all the stigma that is attached to that lable.
MENTAL PAITIENT is the lable that will follow the ADD/ADHD child for the rest of there life.

Anonymous said...

Almost every vet returning from Iraq has some sort of PTSD. Some, of the more extreme cases, need treatment. Most adjust back to normal life in 3 to 6 month. Most marine have more firearms experience, and handle them safer, that your average cop. If your trying to disarm a nation, who better to start with than vets; who have the experience. and skill to use firearms under pressure.

Anonymous said...

THIS is one of those issues that break my heart. In CA., if you have been in treatment for mental issues- in other words, if you've recognized that you need help and you did the mature thing- no gun for you. Does this happen to cops? Aren't cops pulled into counseling after a shooting? If so, aren't they subject to this as well?
It's stupid. You're either required to lie on the form or you don't get the gun. There's no definition of degree.

On the same form, it asks if you've had a restraining order set against you. Now, that I can understand, but do you know how easy it can be to have a TRO put on someone and how hard it is to have it removed? Out of spite, someone could have you banned from owning guns for life.
(For the record: never been in either of these situations)

What's the solution?

Anonymous said...