Monday, March 9, 2009

Contact List for House State Government Committee

The State Government Administration Committee will hear HB 4243, which would create a database of all firearms transactions. I think there's very little chance that this isn't already being done by simply storing the NCIS check information . . . . but this bill would make it official. It's worth defeating.

House State Government Administration Committee
Jack D. Franks(217) 782-1717D
Lisa M. Dugan(217) 782-5981D
Ronald A. Wait(217) 782-0548R
Suzanne Bassi(217) 782-8026R
Mike Boland(217) 782-3992D
Mike Bost(217) 782-0387R
William D. Burns(217) 782-2023D
Annazette Collins(217) 782-8077D
Fred Crespo(217) 782-0347D
Monique D. Davis(217) 782-0010D
Keith Farnham(217) 782-8020D
Paul D. Froehlich(217) 782-3725D
Emily McAsey(217) 782-4179D
Donald L. Moffitt(217) 782-8032R
Richard P. Myers(217) 782-0416R
Raymond Poe(217) 782-0044R
Harry R. Ramey, Jr.(217) 558-1037R