Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why Should You Be at IGOLD? Watch This:

The video was created by Colleen Lawson, who along with her husband, David, and her co-plaintiffs David Orlov and Otis McDonald, is putting herself on the line for your gun rights wherever you live in the United States. If you've been following the saga of D.C. v. Heller, you've no doubt heard the argument that the decision does not affect gun laws in Chicago or New York or Los Angeles, because D.C. is a "federal enclave" and the Heller decision did not "incorporate" the 2nd Amendment. Well, Colleen, along with others, is suing the City of Chicago and arguing that the 2nd Amendment must be incorporated. Her lawyer, Alan Gura, is the same man who argued and won the Heller case in front of the Supreme Court, and she and the other plaintiffs have a pretty good chance of prevailing, though it may take another Supreme Court argument to do it. When that happens, the Heller decision's landmark gutting of gun control becomes a restriction on every city, county and state in the union.

Colleen Lawson will be at IGOLD. I will be at IGOLD. You should be at IGOLD. If you can't be there, please donate or make some phone calls (I've put the contact lists for Illinois legislators in the posts preceding this one.) Illinois is in many ways a national battleground this year. If you want to fight anti-gun forces on their own turf, in a place where winning means rolling back gun control rather than just stopping the newest schemes, then Illinois is going to be a place to watch for the next several years. Don't miss it.