Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Do Us All a Favor and Phone These Legislators

As you love me, dear friends . . . . as you love yourselves, your posterity, and your liberty, call these people and simply say "Please vote no on HB 48 and all other gun control in the House." It's coming up for a vote today or tomorrow, and it would eliminate private firearm sales in Illinois completely. Borrowing a shotgun from your dad to go hunting would require the same FFL transfer process as the federal government currently requires when you buy a handgun from a seller in another state--AND it would limit the FFL to a $10 fee for his services, which means he's not going to be offering that service for long.

If you're not from Illinois, don't feel bad. The Rev. "Snuffy" Pfleger, who last year threatened to "snuff out the legislators who are voting against our gun legislation" is going to be in Springfield today, and he's bringing along 70 college kids from New Jersey and Washington, D.C. to lobby for HB 48. If you're from New Jersey or Florida or Minnesota, you have every right to match their efforts, and I'd consider it a personal favor. If any office staff seem surprised that you're calling from out of state, you might mention the carpet-baggers from the east coast lobbying for the other side today.

Thank you all!