Thursday, March 5, 2009

Having a Beer

My buddy Matt brought up the topic of beer in comments last night. He's gotten the impression that I don't drink. Well, that's sort of right. Honestly, I don't always fit in around here; I don't drink much and . . . if I'm being honest here . . . . I can't remember the last time I ate bacon. If I drink more than a few beers per year, it's a big year for me. I might have a glass of wine with my wife every once in awhile, but that doesn't happen all that often, either. I do like to cook with wine, though.

The weird thing is, I like beer. It just isn't something I seek out. I'm having one right now; I've had the last three bottles of Guinness from a six-pack in the back of the fridge for months. I'm not sure when I bought it, but I think it was after the Blackwater Adventure, so maybe late August or early September? But when I read Matt's comment, a beer sounded good.

Actually, late 2008 and early 2009 have been big alcohol months for me. I had a couple of Yuenglings at Blackwater; somebody on the film crew was from Pennsylvania and offered Yuenglings to all. Those are pretty good stuff . . . . and I had a Heineken at the airport, since I had a lot of free time and didn't figure on having to drive. And a couple of weeks ago, at the ISRA meetings, they didn't have soft drinks out, but there was Sam Adams, so I had one on Friday and one on Saturday. Party Times!

So, yeah, I don't drink much. But it's not because I'm better than you; it's just not my thing. My thing is cheeseburgers. And homemade bread. And chocolate-chip cookies. And milkshakes. . . .


Joe Allen said...

While I used to like my beer just a bit too much, I rarely drink either anymore. Never when I'm driving, and never ever when I'm carrying.

This leaves the occasional beer with dinner at home.

When my doctor asked me the "how much do you drink" question I answered honestly: "Not very often, but when I do, I generally drink by myself until I pass out."

I live alone, so if I only drink at home it's almost certainly by myself and I generally wake up in the easy chair having dozed off in front of the TV halfway through my second beer!

Phillip said...

Don't feel like the lone stranger, as a friend used to say. I don't drink but a few times in any given year, sometimes once, sometimes as many as five times in a year. It's never more than one or two drinks due to stomach problems caused by drinking too much when I was in college.

Because I don't do it much, when I do have something, it has to be very good. The alcohol cabinet here has a number of things, including high end rum and cognac, as well as makings for several types of mixed drinks.

Of the three adults in the house, one was never a drinker, and the other two drink so seldom that the doctor considers us non-drinkers. Which is funny, considering how much wine we go through when we're cooking.

I figure drinking is a social thing, and I don't have anyone that comes to the house to drink, and when I'm out I'm carrying or driving or both, so I don't drink then. Don't figure I've missed all that much.

Anonymous said...

Friar Tuck has Shiner Bock? I haven't had a Shiner Bock in many, many years. I may have to make a trip over there.

Though I like Guinness, Shiner Bock and other stouts, porters, basically anything that's fairly opaque and dark, like you I rarely drink.

Anonymous said...