Thursday, March 19, 2009

McKnob Style Mea Culpa

I don't think my wife handles cough syrup very well. She took something last night, and somewhat later in the night there were . . . . stirrings. Being a gentleman, I responded gallantly, gently, and yet with alarming alacrity. It soon became clear that she was in that sort of in-between time before you really wake up, so I proceeded with efforts guaranteed to wake her happily.

Those efforts failed. In the end, I gave up, put my arm around her and went back to sleep. She says she doesn't remember anything but a dream in which someone was, and here I must quote precisely, "gnawing on my face." I debated whether to tell her what really happened or let it remain a bad dream, but in the end I decided to come clean. Did you know that Walgreen's doesn't carry "I apologize for molesting you in your sleep" greeting cards?


Jay said...

Who hasn't been there Don I mean really?

Don said...

I assumed someone would be along to say that this is no big deal, that molesting a woman in her sleep happens to everybody.

And I had a feeling it might be Jay . . . . but I assumed it would be Jay G. You know, being from Massachusetts and all.

Frankly, I'm surprised at you.

Jay said...

Now molesting any woman in her sleep might be questioned a bit, but when it's your wife, that's another story. Some wives prefer it that way..."just don't wake me ok" kinda thing lol.