Monday, March 2, 2009

I Met LonghornJeff Tonight . . . .

I do believe the time is fast approaching for a central Illinois blog meet. Tonight I met LonghornJeff at the Sangamon County Rifle Association meeting, which means that if we add 45SuperMan and ThirdPower, we should be able to fill up a four-seat table at some trendy little upscale bar like the Indiana people.
Or, you know, McDonald's.

LonghornJeff says he doesn't shoot enough. Well, neither do I, lately, but we can fix that. At least he has the proper etiquette for when bloggers meet in real life: begin by requesting an autograph. This doesn't work on actual famous people, but internet nerds with ego-stroking blogs become putty in your hands. . . .


firefighter4884 said...


If you guys do decide to do a get together, and you're willing to invite us people from IN over, I would consider joining :)


Roberta X said...

See? See? You just start it, and people show up. Especially if there's beer. Even if it is some "trendy little upscale bar."

...Which reminds me, the call to pick a day for the March Indy BlogMeet has been posted over at my place. :)

Anonymous said...

May I suggest that you post a time and place and invite your local blogreaders too.

Matt G said...

Shoot, 'Berta-- that Don Gwinny guy? He don't drink the beer! Yeah, you heard me!

How much of a stud is he, that he grabs my attention, yet makes it through life without a good ale or lager to bolster his spirit?

I tell you-- he is a giant among men.

Don said...

Well, I'm not with the Temperance Union or anything, but somehow I just don't end up drinking beer very often. I've had more this year than ever since college, though, so you could say I'm on a bit of a tear.
I had a couple of Yuenglings at Blackwater, and those were pretty good. Had a Heineken at the airport, too, since I had so much free time and I wasn't planning on driving.
And I bought a six-pack of Guinness not long after that. Still got three of those left.
They had Sam Adams at the ISRA convention, so I had a couple of those.
It's not so much that I never drink beer. I rarely drink beer, and I very rarely drink the really good stuff, but I never drink bad beer. Life's too short.

Supposedly the Friar Tuck in Springfield has Shiner Bock now . . . . I might pick up a few of those and have one for Gunslinger.

Roberta X said...

Um, Matt? I don't hardly drink, either. A little hard cider at BlogMeets, sometimes.

Beer is not necessary to conviviality.

Anonymous said...