Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thanks for Stopping By . . . .

Hi, Howard University students and/or staff! Nice to see you here. Did you really stop in, read this blog, and have nothing to say about the Rev. "Snuffy" Pfleger? Or Rep. Annazette Collins? Or the ludicrous ridiculosity (if that's not a word, it should be) of sending a gaggle of college kids halfway across the country to spend their spring break lobbying for a law they won't have to live under and likely don't understand?
I notice you out-clicked to my profile picture, and I know what you're thinking, so I'm just going to end it right here: yes, that is Jayne Cobb's hat. My wife taught herself to knit so she could make it for me for Christmas a couple of years ago. She thought of it as a gag gift, but I wear it daily during the winter. Pretty cunning, ain't it?

Now, this next little friend from Washington, D.C. might not be on board with the Howard Alternative Spring Break agenda. I'm just guessing here, but this person came here from Turonistan and clicked out to Days of Our Trailers (Best Blog Name EVAR.) Entirely possible that this particular person may have been enjoying a chuckle at Snuffy's expense.